Black mamba

The Black Mamba

Pro Extreme is, as the name suggests, the area of Time Attack where the crazy stuff competes. Cars that go beyond professional tuning and into the world of the prototype, the bespoke, the bonkers! That’s why Andy P and his Mitsubishi Evo VIII known as “Black Mamba” fit in so well. It’s extreme in the true sense of the word. – See more at:

For 2016 Wiseco Performance Products is one of the main sponsors for this team. High performance engine components are used to make the incredible horsepower. Next to Wiseco Performance Products other well know brands are used like K1 Technologies connecting rods and cranks and of course the bolts and studs of ARP. All supplied by PMI Europe B.V, the owner of these world recognized brands.

Wiseco K1 rotating Assemblies

Wiseco Pistons / K1 Technologies Join Together

Wiseco Piston Inc. has teamed up with K1 Technologies to give you a one stop shop for an entire engine rebuild. Wiseco is now offering a complete selection of rotating assemblies built with our forged pistons and high quality components from K1 Technologies. As your One Name. One Solution.™ company, it seems logical we offer complete assemblies built from the highest quality products we offer.

This decision makes choosing components for your engine rebuild much easier and you can rest knowing that the parts are made to work together to give the best performance possible. These products have been matched for optimal performance by our engineers, so you can get the rebuild components that you need without taking the time to do all of the research.

Innovate Motorsports PSB 1

New: PSB-1: PowerSafe Boost & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

The PowerSafe gauges combine our patented DirectDigital™ O² sensor control technology with application specific sensors, an OLED display, and a smart safety override circuit for your high performance vehicle. Our PowerSafe technology can disable your factory or aftermarket boost control solenoid forcing the system to spring pressure. In nitrous applications, our PowerSafe technology will disable your nitrous solenoid to keep your engine safe. The PowerSafe gauges offer the looks, safety and performance enthusiast’s demand!

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