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In only 18 years Cometic Gasket, Inc. has grown into a leading worldwide supplier of custom and short-run gaskets for the motorsports industry. What originally began in 1989, in a 800 square foot office with limited production facilities, has transformed to a 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing centre, located in the heart of the Midwest in Ohio.

Today, Cometic produces and ships more than 5,000 types of gaskets to customers worldwide. Since its inception, Cometic Gasket has been committed to producing superior quality gaskets for the hi-performance motorsports market. We believe that customer satisfaction comes from close relationships with customers and attention to detail; these remain as our guiding principles to this day.

To ensure superior performance across a wide variety of engine types and sizes, we manufacture our gaskets from a wide range of materials. Whether the situation calls for the latest in advanced technology like our MLS- (Multi-Layer Steel) or MLX gasket, or a synthetic blend such as our Aramid Fiber, Cometic has the answer.

Cometic Gasket (BLACK)
Cometic Gaskets

Gasket Terminology and Materials

MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) Head Gaskets

Provide maximum sealing performance for today’s high output engines and require no sealants. MLS gaskets are ideal for both aluminum heads to aluminum blocks and aluminum heads to cast iron blocks. They can withstand the shearing force created by the two materials. MLS gaskets have increased strength because they are comprised of multiple layers of stainless steel; which also creates the ability to rebound and resist corrosion. The outer layers are embossed and coated on both sides with Viton (a flouroelastomer rubber based material that is heat resistant to 250 C/ 482 F). Viton is designed to meet the demands of a variety of harsh sealing environments, load conditions, and surface finishes. The center or shim layer is uncoated stainless steel, which can be varied to accommodate multiple thickness requirements.

MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) Exhaust Gaskets

Are designed for extreme cylinder pressures. MLS Exhaust Manifold Gaskets maintain a torque set and resist corrosion. They will not burn through or push out. MLS Exhaust Manifold Gaskets withstand different combinations of cylinder head and exhaust manifold materials. No sealants are required.

LCE (Load Control Embossments)

LCE refers to a specific embossment design available on some MLS head gaskets. This embossment design requires less clamp load creating less bore distortion and conforms load distribution across the sealing area.

Cometic Product Catalogue 2019

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