Trend Performance

In 1993, a breakthrough in valvetrain testing technology was born inside the walls of what would become Trend Performance.  SpinTron emerged, launching a tool to do meaningful research into valve train testing and technology. This testing exposed profound inadequacies in pushrod design which lead to the creation of Trend Performance, a leading manufacturer in high quality pushrods and valvetrain components for internal combustion engines. Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Trend Performance continues to set the industry standard in high performance valve train technology.

Trend Performance wrist pins

Trend Performance is the industries elite manufacturer of automotive wrist pins. Our proprietary super-finishing & lapping process produces an industry leading finish & pin geometry. This finish essentially eliminates friction and will provide an improved wrist pin lifecycle in high load and engine RPM environments. Our pins also have an optional DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating which is very popular in higher performance, power adder environments.

Trend Performance Product Catalogue 2019

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