Innovate Motorsports: Get the Maximum Life Out of your O2 Sensor

Important Tips to Get the Maximum Life Out of your O2 Sensor

We provide you the critical tips you need to increase your Innovate’s O2 sensor life, including placement, tuning, and free air calibration. 

When tuners shape the air/fuel curve for maximum horsepower and torque, an engine calibration is only as good as the information streaming into their data logger. While wideband oxygen sensors make it possible to precisely monitor an engine’s air/fuel ratio, properly positioning and calibrating the sensor is essential to optimizing accuracy and maximizing sensor longevity. Fortunately, following a few simple guidelines goes a long way to getting the most out of your O2 sensor.

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Succesfull Autosport International show

Another great show for Performance Motorsports International at the Autosport International show in Birmingham (UK). During 2 days at the engineering section, we showed our all new Wiseco BoostLine connecting rod program to the engine builders. Our engineering team created this new, patent-pending 3-pocket design specifically for demanding turbocharged, supercharged and big nitrous applications. These connecting rods are ideal for today’s high horsepower engines and provide 60% more bending strength compared to common H-beam rods! Each rod is designed, finished and inspected in the USA and includes an inspection report from our quality team.

The Wiseco BoostLine is an upgrade for our K1 Technologies connecting rods, although we offer a great program of K1 connecting rods for non-turbo applications.

As pistons are our core business, Wiseco Pistons and JE Pistons were well exposed. Known for their high quality designs and machining, we offer pistons for many European, Japanese and US automotive applications.

New products of Innovate Motorsports for Ethanol measuring. The Ethanol Advanced gauges combine our patented DirectDigital™ O2 sensor control technology with application specific sensors, an OLED display, and a sophisticated ethanol content sensor that also measures fuel temperature.

Next to our owned automotive brands (Wiseco, JE Pistons, K1 Technologies and Innovate Motorsports) we offer a complementary program of racing parts like connecting rod and crankshaft bearings, ARP bolts and studs, Cometic and Athena MLS head gaskets.

Thank you for visiting us and see you on the Professional Motorsports World Expo in Cologne (Germany) in November 2017!