Race Winning Brands Europe is an official distributor of Darton Sleeves!

Darton Sleeves, Patented technology for the serious competitor!

From June 2018, Race Winning Brands Europe is an official distributor of Darton Sleeves for the European territory. They are happy to serve engine builders with Darton Sleeves and all other performance products of premium brands like Wiseco, JE Pistons, K1 Technologies, like pistons, connecting rods, gaskets, bearings, crankshafts, etc.

Darton Sleeves has a wide program of many types of performance sleeves for your ultimate engine build.

Darton International was incorporated in 1978 with a goal of becoming a premier manufacturer of automotive speed equipment parts. The Darton affiliate company is world renowned and is a major supplier to the automotive industry in Europe. All of Darton’s cylinder sleeve material is produced in the Portugal foundry, which is recognized worldwide for excellence in all forms of unique types of centrifugally cast ductile and grey iron. The focus of Darton International’s business is the manufacture and delivery of cylinder sleeves. Darton continues to advance in the performance racing industry market.

Darton continues its research and development and utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to continually market with new products such as their latest invention: “modular integrated deck” sleeve kits.

Race Winning Brands Europe B.V. sales engineering team is happy to advise you about the sleeves or any sleeve-piston combination. Please contact the sales engineers to be sure you will win races!

Retail Price for Darton Sleeve part numbers DRY € 340,- / MID € 756,-  (excl. VAT)

Contact Race Winning Brands Europe B.V.: / +31 (0)252 687713