New from Wiseco: ProTru Street, Performance quality at a budget price

ProTru Street, Performance quality at a budget price

The all new offering of Wiseco, a budget priced high performance forged piston for many US engine applications is now available from stock!

Our American made Pro Tru® Street pistons are made with the same quality expected in all Wiseco Performance Products. This new line of pistons offers extreme value with “as-forged” technology, skirt coatings, as well as strength and reliability through our in-house forge program.

The pistons are made from 4032 forged aluminum and have forged domes with crown features & oil drain backs. Of course the pistons do have our world famous and proven skirt coating: ArmorGlide®. Which will increase the lifespan of the piston and will increase performance by decreasing friction. The coating is the result of testing, development, and benchmarking through Wiseco’s rigorous in-house dyno program.

All pistons come with Chromium alloy steel piston pins & Spirolox®.

Pro Tru® Street progam features:

  • Over 100 new applications in stock with rings included
  • Application range is suitable for daily drivers to weekend warriors
  • Dedicated forgings to maximize strength and weight reduction

Find more information in our brochure.

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